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It is shocking indeed that 30% of reported cases of theft do not involve forced entry! Do you know what this means? The intruder used a key that fit in your lock! Discount stores and hardware stores are great places to copy the key and then use for gaining access to any property. What is more, it also does not involve much time. Expert Locksmith Services is one of the most respected locksmiths in Anaheim, CA area. With a decade-long experience in serving clients from different niches, your security matters to us very much. Unauthorized key duplication is a big threat and we have the perfect solution for you - high security keys. This ensures effective key control.

Some probable sources of security compromise

Expert Locksmith Services Anaheim, CA 714-923-1201Why do you need high security keys? You do not know who, when, and how your security gets compromised. It is better to remain prepared for any eventuality in the modern unpredictable times. Consider the following:

  • Key holders make the copies, you remain ignorant
  • Attendant at the parking lot, contractors, cleaning person making copies
  • Duplication of facility keys compromising security
  • Former employees duplicating keys to gain entry
  • Undetected entry with cylinder tampering to sensitive areas in facilities

How are you going to stop this from happening? What is the best way to protect your assets, vital documents and private information from snoopers and vandals? Use of high security keys seems like the perfect solution.

What are high security keys?

These resist duplication and unauthorized copy providing you effective protection from breaches. They contain patented protection. The associated keys have a geographical exclusivity guarantee with legal backing. If you do not give permission, it will be impossible to duplicate high security keys for the facility. Theses locks have pick resistance features. These also conform to specific criteria of performance with independent lab testing. The regular keys might contain crosscut notches and lengthwise grooves. Crosscut notches in high security keys remain cut at 3 different angles.

The key features of high security keys:

  • Duplication is hard: We won't say impossible, but it is hard to duplicate these keys. For this, one requires signature, written express consent, and photo ID.
  • Resistant to forced entry: They can resist hammering, prying, wrenching, drilling, picking, and all other physical activities.

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